Florida sharks video

This video is called Sharks in Deep Trouble.

And this video from the USA says about itself:

Thousands of sharks were seen swimming just 50 yards off the coast of Boca Raton, Fla. (CBS News).

The Bahamian government is considering bans on commercial shark fishing and the import and export of shark products: here.


Bahrain dictatorship kills democrats

This video is called Feb18 Bahrain Army Attack on peaceful protests.

This video is called Bahraini Army Open Fire On Protesters 18.02.11.

“Put this in your newspaper. Write about the government killing our citizens.” Reports from Bahrain: here.

REALLY GRUESOME Pictures from Salmaniya Hospital in Manama where dead/injured protesters are brought: here.

This video is called Bahraini troops “open fire on protesters”.

This video is called Protesters killed as police storm Bahrain demonstration camp.

Security Forces in Bahrain Open Fire on Mourners: here.

Bahrain forces fire at protesters Al Jazeera: here.

Domino Effect: Stateless in Kuwait protest for citizenship rights: here.

Grey seal video

This is a video about grey seals along the Brouwersdam, Zeeland province, the Netherlands. Made on 15 februari 2011, by Nelly de Groot.

Waves and the perception power of seals: here.

Grey seals do not prevent cod recovery in the Baltic Sea: here.

Since 1951, wardens have been counting and tagging seal pups born on the Farne Islands off the Northumberland Coast. During this time, the number of pups born each year has trebled, from 500 to 1499, making it the largest English colony of Atlantic grey seals: here.

March 2013. A rare black seal pup is recovering in the Scottish SPCA’s care after being found struggling to survive on Aberdeen Beach. The pup, known as ‘Liquorice’, is actually a young male grey seal that was discovered by a member of the public; he was very weak and thin when discovered. His coat is jet black, which is very unusual for a seal of his kind: here.

Leona Lewis speaks out against Namibia seal hunt: here.

Namibia: Govt Misleading Public on Seals – Group: here.

Bahrain democrats fight on

This video is called Bahrain funeral amid protests.

From CNN:

Sitra, Bahrain — Protesters began to gather in several areas of Bahrain Friday morning, a day after a violent police and military crackdown left four dead and scores wounded.

What seemed like thousands of people — some chanting anti-government slogans — marched in the town of Sitra to attend the funerals of three of the four people killed Thursday.

Thousands of mourners called for the downfall of Bahrain’s ruling monarchy while worshippers at Friday prayers chanted against the king today: here.