Egyptian revolution continues

This is a video about the Egyptian workers’ movement just before the fall of dictator Mubarak.

Tens of the thousands of Egyptian workers ignored appeals by military high command and spread their strike actions across the country Wednesday, demanding higher pay, better working conditions, and the purging of corrupt officials linked to ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak: here.

Around 2,000 Suez Canal Authority staff marched on Thursday in three Egyptian cities alongside the strategic waterway to demand better pay and medical insurance: here.

The Egyptian Revolution has sent shock waves throughout the Middle East. In the capitals of every Arab state, despotic rulers and corrupt governments are discussing how to prevent the spread of mass revolt emanating from Cairo. Nowhere are the implications of this popular upsurge of the Egyptian people feared more acutely than in the Israeli ruling class: here.

Egyptian activists to demonstrate in front of the Algerian and Bahraini embassies in Cairo. Follow @RamyRaoof for [Twitter] updates.

Download Egypt Freedom Poster: here.

“Suzanne Mubarak killed the feminist movement so she could be the leader,” Saadawi told Women’s eNews: here.

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