Egyptian, Yemeni workers fight on

This video says about itself:

Police in Bahrain shot dead one person and wounded several others during protests in the capital Manama on Tuesday. Officials at Bahrain’s Salmaniya Medical Complex said a 31-year-old man, Fadhel Salman Matrook, became the second fatality when he died of injuries from gunfire during the melee in the hospital’s parking lot. Thousands of protesters occupying a central square in Bahrain’s capital are calling for a third day of rallies to demand sweeping political reforms from the Gulf nation’s rulers.

Protesters in Bahrain occupied Manama’s Pearl Square today, calling for a third day of demonstrations that are bringing unprecedented pressure to bear on one of Washington’s key Gulf allies: here.

Top Twitter Feeds to Follow for the Bahrain Protests: here.

Protesters killed in Yemen clashes: Police shoot dead two in Yemen’s main southern city of Aden: here.

Egyptians defy call to end strikes: Airport and textile workers among those refusing to heed military’s appeal: here.

Airport staff and textile workers took action for improved pay today while residents living along the Suez Canal rallied for the closure of a chemical factory which has allegedly been dumping toxic waste into a lake in the latest wave of people power shaking Egypt: here.

This is a video about striking workers in Mahalla, Egypt.

Two Egyptian women’s rights leaders say Suzanne Mubarak controlled their arena, stymied progress: here.

At least 365 deaths from 25 January Revolution: Egypt’s health minister: here.

Police fired on thousands of demonstrators in Kut today, killing at least three people as protests over decrepit public services and government corruption intensified across occupied Iraq: here.

USA: Scott Walker Compared to Mubarak in Showdown With Wisconsin Public Workers: here.

2 thoughts on “Egyptian, Yemeni workers fight on

  1. Reading last night’s reports from Bahrain, what was striking was how incredibly polite and civil the whole protest scene was … reports said that while the initial demands were simply reforms, the mood was shifting to ousting the king after the deaths on the 14th.
    This news is so sad … from one of the twitter feeds I follow:


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