Somalis against war and oppression

This video says about itself:

13 November 2007

A UN official in Mogadishu says Somalia now constitutes the worst humanitarian crisis in Africa – worse than Darfur.

An estimated 173,000 people have fled fighting in Mogadishu in just the past two weeks alone, bringing the total number of displaced people in the country to 850,000.

Not only are refugees overwhelming areas outside Mogadishu, wounded civilians are flooding local hospitals.

From The Nation (Nairobi, Kenya):

Somalia: Youths, Preacher Seek Egypt-Style Revolt

Abdulkadir Khalif

14 February 2011

Mogadishu — Tens of Somali youths and a preacher are seeking an Egypt style solution to force an end to 20 years of chaos and lack of a stable government.

Waving Somali flags, the youths staged a demonstration at a key road between Banadir and Km 4 junctions in South Mogadishu on Sunday.

They protested the seemingly endless war between the pro-government forces and the jihadists (holy warriors) of al Shabaab, the fanatical militant group vehemently challenging the Transitional Federal Government.

The daring youths gathered at Km 4 area, an important control point manned by the peacekeepers serving the AU Mission in Somalia, Amisom.

One of the organisers, Mr Jama Said Qorshel, told journalists they were committed to daily protests till their objectives are achieved.

“We are not going to abandon until we achieve our anti-war goals,” said Qorshel.

Although the protest ended peacefully, the youth did not hide the facts that they had been motivated by the uprising in Tunisia and Egypt that ended the rules of the former leaders Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak.


The protesters blamed the warring sides of employing youths in armed battles.

The TFG’s Security Police, better known as PS, apprehended seven organisers after the protests [were] announced on Saturday. However, the move did not deter others from marching.

Mohammed Omar Habeb better known as Mohammed Dhere, former Mogadishu mayor has opposed the decision taken by Somali transitional parliament to extend its own mandate for three years: here.

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