Middle East demonstrations continue

Egypt‘s junta pressed workers and democracy activists to go back to work and end their sit-ins today, asserting that progress on social and civil rights will only come when they demobilise: here.

The Egyptian revolution is a warning for our rulers too, writes Jeremy Corbyn: here.

Hard-line Iranian MPs urged the judiciary today to hand out death penalties to opposition leaders for fomenting unrest amid ongoing anti-government rallies which have so far claimed one life and left dozens wounded: here.

If US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has the interests of the Iranian people at heart, she should stop claiming the brave campaigners on the streets of Tehran, Isfahan and other cities as her allies: here. And here.

Jonathan S. Landay, Warren P. Strobel and Shashank Bengali, McClatchy Newspapers: “Tens of thousands of protesters faced baton-wielding security forces Monday in Bahrain, Yemen and Iran in what experts say may be shaping up as a pro-democracy wave ignited by the revolts that drove Egypt’s and Tunisia’s aging autocratic rulers from power. At least one protester was confirmed killed in Bahrain, and there were unconfirmed reports of several deaths and hundreds of arrests in Tehran, where anti-government marchers chanting ‘death to dictators’ staged their largest showing in more than a year”: here.

This video is called Funeral of martyr killed by Bahraini police.

Riot police fired tear gas and birdshot at mourners in Bahrain’s capital today who had gathered for the funeral procession of a man killed in the first Egypt-inspired protests to reach the Gulf, killing at least one other person: here.

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