Corrupt Pentagon puppets extort Somali bus drivers

This video says about itself:

The refugee crisis in Somalia is growing as thousands flee Mogadishu to escape fierce battles raging through the capital.

It’s a situation the UN describes as worse than the Darfur refugee camps in Sudan.

In the absence of relief aid, a humanitarian crisis is now looming large.

Al Jazeera has visited the refugees and found them left exposed to the elements.

From Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu, Somalia):

Somalia: Mogadishu Bus Drivers Complain of Govt Soldiers

12 February 2011

Mogadishu — Some of Bus drivers in war-torn Mogadishu city are complaining about the hurdles from Somali government soldiers scattered in the streets.

These bus drivers, who work in KM-4 junction and Hamarweyne district in Benadir region, said there a lot of soldiers standing in the roads who constantly ask drivers to pay a lot of illegal fee.

Mohammed Ali, a Mogadishan minibus driver told Shabelle Media Network that they can’t pay the fee which asked by TFG soldiers in streets, saying that every member of TFG forces come to them and take a lot fees.

“Some times, the soldiers catch the bus and search all the passengers robbing their belongings” Ali was quoted as saying.

No official from Somali transitional federal government responded the complaints coming from the bus drivers in Mogadishu.

USA: Why do airport cops keep stealing from passengers? Here.

Reports emanating from Gedo region in southern Somalia on Friday said that Ethiopian military forces in [the] region commenced [to] shell Bete-hawo, a town in Somalia’s border with Kenya, with heavy artillery barrages: here.

The United Nations today voiced alarm over the plight of Somali civilians caught up in the fighting pitting forces of the country’s transitional government, who are backed by African Union peacekeepers, against insurgents of the Al-Shabaab armed group: here.

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