First spoonbill back on Texel island

This is a spoonbill video.

Translated from Staatsbosbeheer in the Netherlands:

The first spoonbill has returned to the colony in De Geul in the National Park Dunes of Texel. The animal was spotted this Sunday. It is early in the year. Normally, the first spoonbills arrive a few weeks later on Texel.

The spoonbills winter in various countries, including Mauritania. From mid-March, the spoonbills come back in larger numbers. Last year at least 370 spoonbill couples nested in De Geul. It is the largest spoonbill colony of the Netherlands.

February 2015: spoonbills return to Texel colony: here.

Black-tailed godwits back from Africa: here. And here.

500 bird species ever seen in the Netherlands: here.

This is is a video about birds near Castricum in the Netherlands, including an early black-tailed godwit.

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