Saudi women revolution

This video says about itself:

This is rare protest footage of a procession held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with protestors chanting Allahuakbar and other islamic invocations over the government’s corruption generally and general handling of the 2011 January Jeddah floods. From an Arabic website, this video was described as being footage of not just anger about these floods specifically, but more generally government malfeasance.

This is VERY VERY rare in Saudi Arabia, and seldom do people protest against the government in any way shape or form. It is also said to be driven in part by what has happened in Tunisia and Egypt.

Facebook page on Saudi Women Revolution: here.

RIOT police quelled protests in Algeria and Yemen yesterday as the spirit of revolt swept from Egypt through the Arab world: here.

Five Arab Countries That the “Jasmine Revolution” May Spread to Next: here.

West has ugly history of blocking Arab freedom: here.

Australia: Sydney celebrates Mubarak’s downfall.

“The situation in Egypt is different than the situation of Sudan,” Sudanese government spokesperson Rabie Atti insisted to reporters after January 30 anti-government protests. “We don’t have one small group that controls everything. Wealth is distributed equally. We’ve given power to the states.” Atti proves one similarity between Hosni Mubarak’s regime in Egypt and that of Sudanese President Omar al Bashir: both make ludicrous public statements that show no understanding of reality or the consciousness of their populations: here.

Egypt: It’s not over yet: Corrupt, pro-Mubarak “unions” hit back at independent workers organizations in Egypt: here.

Robert Fisk: Cairo’s 50,000 street children were abused by this regime: here.

British government under pressure to freeze Mubarak’s assets: here.

Egypt Protests Spark Confrontations in Yemen, Algeria: An attempt by the military police to clear Tahrir Square fails: here.

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