US national parks and historical monuments in danger

Olympic National Park & Rain Forrest, Washington, USA from Christian Schafleitner on Vimeo.

By Janel Flechsig in the USA:

Obama’s proposed budget to slash funding for historic preservation, National Park Service

11 February 2011

The Obama administration’s proposed 2011 budget, currently under review by the House Appropriations Committee, calls for sweeping austerity measures for social programs and infrastructure.

Among the bill’s proposals are massive cuts to historic preservation funding including the elimination of the Save America’s Treasures and Preserve America programs. These cuts total $25 million dollars, with the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) receiving a mere $54.5 million in 2011, down from the already inadequate $79.5 million it received in 2010.

The White House is also proposing cuts to the National Park Service’s construction budget, which oversees the maintenance of historic structures within the parks, as well as reductions in battlefield preservation grants, Native American Graves Protection Act grants, and Heritage Area funds for the National Park Service.

Obama’s budget includes the total elimination of the Challenge Cost Share account, which provides matching funds for National Park Service projects and Bureau of Land Management academic fieldwork on archaeology, historical site assessments, and surveys. Even before taking these latter changes into account, however, the elimination of Save America’s Treasures and Preserve America represent the largest reduction in historic preservation funding since cuts made by the Reagan administration in the 1980s.

From Costa Rica to Vermont, habitat fragmentation creates hazards for wildlife: here.

ScienceDaily (Mar. 21, 2011) — A new study by Baylor University geology researchers shows that Native Americans’ land use nearly a century ago produced a widespread impact on the eastern North American landscape and floodplain development several hundred years prior to the arrival of major European settlements: here.

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