Mubarak down, more dictators to go

Egyptian women demonstrate against dictator Mubarak at Tahrir square

The dictator of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, has resigned.

Tweet from Egypt: Hossam عمو حسام: We got rid of Mubarak. Now it’s time to get rid of Mubarak’s regime. Long live the Egyptian people. Long live the revolution.

Okay, one down. Suleiman? You need a vacation. Here.

Who is Omar Suleiman? A look at his connection to the United States, CIA & torture: here.

In the midst of victory, take a look back at some moments from Egypt’s popular revolution: here.

After Ben Ali of Tunisia, another dictator bites the dust. Who will be the next dictator to fall, in Yemen, Sudan, Albania, Jordan, Gabon or elsewhere?

Nicholas Shaxson, Palgrave Macmillan: “He allowed his country, through its oil industry, to become the African linchpin of the gigantic, secret Elf system – a vast, spooky web of global corruption secretly connecting the oil industries of former French African colonies with mainstream politics in metropolitan France, via Switzerland, Luxembourg, and other tax havens. Parts of Gabon’s oil industry, Joly discovered as she dug deeper and deeper in Paris, had been serving as a giant slush fund: a pot of secret money outside the reach of French judicial authorities in which hundreds of millions of dollars were made available for the use of French elites”: here.

14 thoughts on “Mubarak down, more dictators to go

  1. Island despot ‘one of the good guys’

    US: A WikiLeaked document showed yesterday that US diplomats thought Equatorial Guinea’s dictator of 31 years was one of “the good guys.”

    In a 2009 cable US diplomat Anton Smith called President Teodoro Obiang’s a “mellowing, benign leadership” maligned by activists who exaggerated levels of corruption and brutality.

    Obiang is accused of making his family fabulously wealthy since oil was discovered in 1994 and the country went from being one of the world’s poorest to one of its richest.

    Yet UN figures show that child mortality has increased.


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