Italian women want Berlusconi to follow Mubarak’s example

This music video is called Earth & Fire – Ruby is the One.

After Berlusconi’s friend Mubarak is gone … from ANSA news agency in Italy:

Italian women to stage anti-Berlusconi rallies …

Rome, February 11 – Women will take to the streets of Italy’s cities on Sunday calling on Premier Silvio Berlusconi to resign after prosecutors this week requested he be sent to trial for allegedly using an underage prostitute.

The protesters say evidence leaked from the probe into Berlusconi allegedly paying for sex with a then-17 Moroccan belly dancer called Ruby show the 74-year-old premier has little respect for female dignity.

They say wiretaps published in the media suggest he surrounded himself at parties at his home with starlets and other women hoping to use their looks to gain positions in politics or at Berlusconi’s Mediaset TV empire.

”The Ruby case has revealed a system of political selection based on an exchange of sex and power,” said Iaia Caputo of the organising committee of the protests, entitled ”If Not Now, When?”, also the title of a famous Primo Levi novel.

”If we accept this as normal, we risk prejudicing the free choice of women.

”We want to send a message to the country and to the parties that do not see themselves a part of what has happened over the last few weeks – it’s possible to change route”.

Berlusconi’s cabinet features a former show girl, Equal Opportunities Minister Mara Carfagna.

One of the people under investigation in the Ruby probe, the premier’s former dental hygienist Nicole Minetti – another showgirl who allegedly procured prostitutes for parties at Berlusconi’s home – is a Lombardy regional councilor for his People of Freedom (PdL) party. …

One of the biggest ”If Not Now, When?” events will take place in Milan, where comedienne Paola Cortellesi, actress Franca Rame and publisher Inge Feltrinelli are set to join in.

Men will not be excluded from the protests.

There will also be other protests for and against Berlusconi in various parts of Italy all weekend. A preliminary hearings judge is not expected to announce before Monday or Tuesday whether she has granted the prosecutors’ request to send the Ruby case to trial. If approved, the trial would start around Easter, legal experts say.

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  1. Ruby invite to Vienna Opera Ball stirs scandal

    Teen at centre of sex indictment for Italian premier

    01 March, 18:36

    (ANSA) – Rome, March 1 – The teenage Moroccan belly dancer Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi allegedly paid to have sex with when she was 17 is stirring a new scandal in Austria. Karima El Mahroug, 18, nicknamed ‘Ruby Heart-stealer’ is attending the high society debutant Viennese Opera Ball on March 3 at the behest of maverick Austrian real-estate magnate Richard Lugner, 78.

    Lugner is paying El Mahroug 40,000 euros for her presence, Austrian tabloids have reported. Gossip newspapers also claim she will supplement that income granting interviews at 10,000 euros each, and that Lugner poached rare tickets for her and her entourage on the black market. Tickets normally sell from 230 euros for a simple entry ticket, up to 17,000 euro for a box. El Mahroug is at the center of the scandal for which Berlusconi is charged with abetting prostitution of minors and abuse of office and will go to trial in Milan April 6. Both she and Berlusconi deny they ever had intercourse. A private jet sent by Lugner whisked El Maroug and her boyfriend, Luca Risso, from Genoa to Vienna Tuesday. She is expected to attend the debutant ball escorted by Risso and four bodyguards. Ball promoters are reportedly reeling over the gesture. Lugner has scandalized elite circles before by cavorting with young starlets, and reportedly paid American actress Bo Derek to attend the ball in the past. The Austrian press says Lugner is riling high society once more as a gesture of pure provocation. El Mahroug arrived at Genoa airport dressed in jeans and a beige sweater, a grey down jacket, and gold stilettos.

    Lugner, holding a bouquet of yellow and red flowers, greeted the smiling Moroccan beauty at the foot of the private jet. Around 10 others were also present, including bodyguards, a photographer and a cameraman. The jet landed at Schwechat airport in Vienna at 15:00 local time. Waiting for the entourage was a swarm of reporters, three white limousines, and a three vehicle escort. To avoid a press assault, El Mahroug was escorted through a partitioned area of the airport. From there she was taken to an unidentified luxury hotel in the Austrian capital. She was scheduled to then try on her ball gown at the atelier of Austrian fashion stylist Niko Fechter. She is to go sightseeing Wednesday, and give a press conference at 13:00 at Lugner’s mall, called Lugner City. The historic debutante ball, which takes place in the Vienna State Opera at the close of the carnival season, has roots going back the 19th century Hapsburg empire. Aspiring debutants must audition to participate. Selection criteria include the capacity to waltz gracefully counter-clockwise with a capable dance partner. Debutants and their partners train for two months prior to the ball to perfect the evening’s pageantry. Debutants wear white and are crowned with crystal tiaras made by Swarovski.


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