Celebrate overthrow of dictator Mubarak

This music video from the USA is called The Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian.

Comment on YouTube:

The Bangles should record a new version of this song in honor of the Egyptian people!

Map: how Twitter is reacting to resignation of Hosni Mubarak: here.

Missed the 30secs that ended the 30 years of Mubaraks rule? Watch it again here.

Watch interviews with activists, like novelist Adhaf Souheif reporting from Tahrir Square on rabbletv: here.

Solidarity campaigners will descend on London’s Trafalgar Square from noon today [Saturday?] to congratulate Egyptians in toppling president Hosni Mubarak after he announced his resignation today: here.

Mubarak assets frozen by Swiss government: here.

OF COURSE Mubarak’s presidential boat is named FREEDOM. And financed with US aid: here.

Bye Bye Mubarak! Here.

As Mubarak Resigns, Ex-Guantanamo Prisoner Mamdouh Habib on How Omar Suleiman Tortured him in Egypt: here.

This is a Dutch TV video about Egyptians in Amsterdam hearing about Mubarak’s fall.

Egyptian artist Ganzeer has created a series of anti-Mubarak protest artworks, including this graphic.

11 thoughts on “Celebrate overthrow of dictator Mubarak

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