Egyptian revolution gets stronger

This video from Egypt is called An interview with Faculty Members of Cairo University who marched down to Tahrir Square Tuesday 8th Feb. Video by Zidaly.

Protest in Egypt Takes a Turn as Workers Go on Strike: here.

Egypt: Muslims And Christians Protest As One: here.

For Egypt’s military, big business means staying in power: here.

The longtime Middle East correspondent of The Independent newspaper in London joins us from Cairo to talk about the popular uprising ongoing across Egypt, its regional implications, and how Obama should respond. “[The protesters] are asking for nothing less than Americans expect in their own lives,” Fisk says: here.

The Pentagon on Thursday said it had no plans to halt weapons deliveries to Egypt in coming months despite a popular revolt against President Hosni Mubarak‘s rule: here.

How do we define U.S. interests in Egypt? Here.

Robert Scheer, Truthdig: “After a good start, the Obama administration’s response to the democratic revolution in Egypt has begun to exude the odor of betrayal. Now distancing itself from the essential demand of the protesters that the dictator must go, the administration has fallen back on the sordid option of backing a new and improved dictatorship. Predictably, it is one guided by a local strongman long entrusted by the CIA, Vice President Omar Suleiman, described by U.S. officials in the WikiLeaks cables as a ‘Mubarak consigliere'”: here.

Robert Naiman, Truthout: “To the disappointment of many, the Obama administration’s policy of ‘orderly transition to democracy’ in Egypt, which just a few days ago seemed to be embracing pro-democracy protesters’ demand that Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak leave office, now seems to be backtracking to the idea that Mubarak and Vice President Omar Suleiman can lead a credible process of transition to democracy, despite the unwillingness of the US-backed Egyptian government so far to accept any concrete demands for reform”: here.

On Saturday (5th February) around one thousand people – Egyptians, Londoners and others ‑ gathered outside the United States embassy and later marched through central London to the Egyptian embassy. The protest was called to show solidarity with the revolutionary struggle of the people of Egypt: here.

Ongoing protests in Egypt are inspiring anti-government demonstrations in Iraq: here.

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