Teal and shoveler

This is a shoveler video.

Today, again where the Baillon’s crakes have nested.

Near the entrance: male and female gadwall ducks. Coots. Great cormorants flying. Mallard. Moorhen.

A few canals further: seven tufted ducks, both male and female. Teal.

Canada geese and gray lag geese.

A male shoveler. Magpies.

It is sunny. About 7 degrees centigrade. The water level is high. Two Egyptian geese on a small island in the lake.

Around the northern lake: scores of northern lapwings, great cormorants, and black-headed gulls. Also some herring gulls and common gulls. And a lesser black-backed gull.

Mute swans.

The sound of a little grebe.

A grey heron flies away.

Metallaoui, S., Maazi, M. C., Saheb, M., Houhamdi, M., & Barbraud, C. (2014). A comparative study of the diurnal behaviour of the Northern Shoveller (Anas clypeata) during the wintering season at Garaet Hadj-Tahar (North-East Algeria) and Garaet Timerganine (Algerian highlands). Turkish Journal of Zoology 38:..-..  doi:10.3906/zoo-1212-1   PDF

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