Egyptian revolution in Gaza?

This video from Palestine says about itself:

The Palestinian Authority security agents in civilian clothes arresting demonstrators in Ramallah 5th Feb 2011, the demo in solidarity with the Egyptian & Tunisian uprisings.

From IPS news agency:

Now Gaza Begins to Shake

By Pam Bailey

GAZA CITY, Feb 6, 2011 – Ripple effects of the Egyptian uprising are now spreading to Gaza, where some groups are planning a new rally next week. Moves by some Gazans to mimic protesters in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen by taking to the streets are making the Hamas government nervous.

Government officials sponsored an official rally in solidarity with the Egyptian protesters earlier, but when a small group of journalists and bloggers organized their own, six women and eight men were arrested. Two of the women, known for their outspoken criticism of the regime, were beaten up.

“I found out about the rally through Facebook, and it said the sit-in was in support of the Egyptian people in their revolution. I wanted to be part of something, to help the Egyptian people somehow,” recalls Mahmoud, afraid to give his full name.

“The government had already held a big demonstration on Friday, and most of the movements joined it, but most youth don’t belong to any faction here. I didn’t want to be part of that. I wanted to do something from me.”

Mahmoud describes what happened when he arrived at the Square of the Unknown Soldier, where most demonstrations are held in Gaza City. “Out of the blue, an officer wearing civilian clothes grabbed my hand and said ‘come with me.’ …He pushed me into a jeep and accused me of protesting against them. He said, ‘I’m going to teach you a lesson.’ I thought they were going to beat us.”

Mahmoud believes he was not beaten because a relative works for the government. Several hours later, after being blindfolded and interrogated, he was released. His telephone was confiscated and only returned two days later.

On Jan. 28, a Facebook page appeared calling for a revolution in Gaza and naming Feb. 11 a day of protest against the Hamas government. Although no one knows who is organizing it, Ma’an News reports that Fatah officials have repeatedly asked the agency to cover the initiative. Four days later, another page was set up on Facebook, calling for a revolution in Ramallah and the ouster of President Mahmoud Abbas.

Gaza youth vent anger on Facebook: here.

From manifesto to reality: ‘Gaza Youth Breaks Out’ member tells his story. “My story is marked by violence, persecution, arrests, abuse and resistance,” writes Matter: here.

An Italian solidarity activist kidnapped in Gaza by sectarian Palestinian militants was killed by his captors and found hanged several hours after his abduction, Hamas officials reported today: here.

More photos from Amsterdam Egypt solidarity rally: here.

Tunisia police shoot dead at least two at Kef protest: here.

11 thoughts on “Egyptian revolution in Gaza?

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  2. Police ban public concerts in Gaza

    PALESTINE: Public concerts and street loudspeakers have been banned in Gaza until the end of secondary school exams in July.

    Police at the weekend said the ban was to “secure the appropriate atmosphere for secondary school students.”

    The Tawjihi exam, which pupils are scheduled to sit in June, is the graduation qualification for pupils in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


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