Egyptian democrats fight on

This video from Egypt says about itself:

[Pro-democracy demonstrator] most likely killed [by police] on Friday the 28th of January in the Manshya District in Alexandria. Video by Moustafa Mahmoud.

Photos of an Egypt solidarity demonstration in Amsterdam, the Netherlands are here.

Solidarity demo with Egypt in Washington DC, USA: here.

Egypt solidarity in Australia: here.

David Sirota, Truthout: “In America, politicians are rarely compelled to turn rhetoric into action. Presidents make public commitments to support legislation while quietly instructing their congressional allies to kill the corresponding bills. Congresspeople then campaign on policy proposals only to make sure their respective presidents veto the initiatives. We all know this game — we know its rigged rules ensure plausible deniability and prevent follow through. But as the Mideast showed this week, just because those are our rules doesn’t mean everyone plays by them. That’s what the Egyptian protests against U.S.-backed dictator Hosni Mubarak really represent for us: a poignant demand that we actually embody our democratic creed — a demand whose response shows an American government desperate to avoid walking its talk”: here.

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