Rare bat in the Netherlands

Myotis myotis, nursery roost

Translated from the Dutch Mammal Society:

A bat species which is rather rare in the Netherlands and relatively large, the greater mouse-eared bat, has been found in Fort Rijnauwen in Bunnik. Mammal Society volunteers and Forestry Commission staff were pleasantly surprised during the annual census of wintering bats in the fort Rijnauwen in Bunnik, the largest fort in the New Dutch Waterline.

During the census, more than 250 wintering bats were found; among them is now a mouse-eared bat as well. This bat is almost four times larger than all other species present and therefore could not possibly be overlooked. It is not clear where this animal came from, but probably this late summer it had flown at least 250 kilometers.

ScienceShot: Bats Are Social Networking Rockstars: here.

USA: February 2011: The deadly white-nose syndrome that has already killed more than a million bats in the eastern states of America, will spread unabated if western states do not step up action to prevent it, according to the Center for Biological Diversity in Tucson, Arizona: here.

White nose bat syndrome found for the first time in NC. Photos and info here.

Culling can’t control deadly bat disease: here.

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