Egyptian people fight on for democracy

Hundreds Marching to Tahrir Square, Cairo from Ramy Raoof on Vimeo.

Millions of Egyptians converged on Cairo’s Tahrir Square and massed in the cities of Alexandria, Port Suez and Luxor yesterday, which they had dubbed ‘departure day’ for President Mubarak. There was a heavy military presence surrounding the defiant crowd in Tahrir Square, some of whom were sporting bandaged wounds from attacks by plain-clothes police and paid pro-Mubarak thugs over the previous night and day: here.

Friday’s “day of departure” was a massive display of opposition to the Mubarak regime. Over a million took to the streets of Cairo, defying government thugs, military cordons and ignoring the curfew: here.

Top Ten Accomplishments of Egypt Demonstrators: The protest movement in Egypt scored several victories on Friday: here.

Egypt LiveBlog: Report – “Thousands” of protesters surround Army to prevent move of tanks near Tahrir Square: here.

Egyptian Women in Protests: here.

WikiLeaks: Cables reveal connivance of US government with Mubarak dictatorship: here.

USA: The Obama administration seeks to derail the mass uprising and retain imperialist control by refurbishing the dictatorship: here.

The meeting of European leaders in Brussels on Friday was held in the shadow of Egypt’s mass demonstrations and the brutal counter-offensive by the Mubarak regime. For its part, the EU is playing a cynical double game. In official statements, the EU calls for an end to violence and for a “peaceful transition to democracy”, while at the same time signalling its continuing support and cooperation for the dictatorial regime of Mubarak and the military: here.

Gush Shalom (Israel) press release 31/01/11: Only one who lost all basic human feeling can oppose the aspiration of young Egyptians to live in a democracy: here.

Their Own Private Egypt: Could Azerbaijan Or Central Asia Be Next? Here.

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