Egypt fights on for democracy

This is called Egypt Unrest: Video of police killing teen protester, riots aftermath.

David D. Kirkpatrick and Alan Cowell, The New York Times News Service: “With signs of fracturing within Egypt‘s ruling elite, hundreds of thousands of people packed Cairo’s central Tahrir Square on Friday, chanting slogans, bowing in prayer and waving Egyptian flags to press a largely peaceful campaign for the removal of President Hosni Mubarak. On this, the 11th day of the uprising, there were few signs of the violent Mubarak supporters who the protesters said were organized and dispatched by the Mubarak government over the last two days in an effort to capture the initiative”: here.

Mubarak family fortune could reach $70bn, say experts: here.

Pro-democracy protests continue across Egypt Friday as the largest crowds yet gather in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, demanding the resignation of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. Events are unfolding quickly, and Al Jazeera is on the street bringing the world minute-by-minute updates on the situation as it unfolds: here.

Egypt Through the Rearview Mirror. William Fisher, Truthout: “One of the rituals associated with being a staffer for the president of the United States or a cabinet officer is briefing your boss to be prepared to answer any question the press is likely to ask. Lots of smart people participate in these briefings. And if some upstart reporter asks a question no one anticipated, staffers have egg on their faces, big time”: here.

USA: Intelligence community under fire for Egypt surprise: here.

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