Pro-democracy mass movement in Morocco?

This video is called Police attacking the unemployed graduated protesters, Morocco.

By Alejandro López:

Moroccan government fears outbreak of mass protests

3 February 2011

As millions of people march in Egyptian cities and protests continue in Tunisia after they ousted former dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the Moroccan monarchy fears that it may be the next to face mass protests.

According to reports on Spanish public television, Moroccan troops are being sent towards major Moroccan cities, including Casablanca and Rabat, from their bases in the Western Sahara. The Moroccan embassy in Madrid denounced this report.

Pro-government newspapers in Morocco also criticized statements by dissident journalist Abubakr Jamai in French news magazine Le Nouvel Observateur. Jamai said that if protests broke out in Morocco, “the disparities in wealth are such that the rebellion will be much bloodier than in Tunisia.”

However, fears of mass social protest are being raised even by members of Morocco’s royal family. In an interview with the Spanish daily El País, Prince Mulay Hicham, the cousin of King Mohamed VI, warned: “Almost every authoritarian systems will be affected by this wave of protest, Morocco will probably be no exception”.

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