Woodpecker and treecreeper

Today at the same window as during the national garden birdcount.

Then, there were few birds.

However, by now the birds really seem to really have discovered the house-shaped feeder put there during the birdcount day. I heard about long-tailed tits, but did not see any today.

I did see a blue tit at the feeder. Below it, looking for food dropped by the tit, a male blackbird. And a short-toed treecreeper. This was special, as I had seen this species before on trees; but not on pavement stones like today.

This is a short-toed treecreeper video.

A bit later, again a male blackbird; and a male chaffinch.

A great tit and a blue tit at the feeder. Two jackdaws in the tree behind them.

Then, a great spotted woodpecker at the feeder; a species which I had not seen before there.

Below the feeder, a robin and a Eurasian collared dove.

A short-toed treecreeper climbing the tree below the feeder.

A great spotted woodpecker in the next tree.

The treecreeper back on the pavement near the window again.

A bit further, a group of jackdaws and two jays.

The treecreeper climbs a big tree.

A blue tit at the feeder, a male blackbird below it.

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