Icelandic fish processing workers on strike?

This July 2010 video says about itself:

Iceland‘s Firefighters are on strike today,between 8 in the morning till 16:00 hours.

And if they dont get what they want,then later they will go on totall strike


Iceland fish workers threaten strikes

Published: 01 February, 2011

WORKERS in the Icelandic fish meal and fish oil industry are threatening a series of strikes later this month over pay and conditions.

Their union has called them out on two three-day strikes on February 7th and February 14th. But if there is no deal struck by the middle of the month an indefinite stoppage is a strong possibility, says the union.

This is the first serious industrial action by fish workers in Iceland since the banking collapse over two years ago and it could be a somewhat risky strategy.

Unemployment in the country is running at eight per cent, close to a historic high. Just two weeks ago the closure of a fish processing factory in the West Fjords district of Iceland caused something of an industry stir in the country.

Emergency flares were set off around the port marine in Flateyri after it was announced that the fish company Eyraroddi hf, had been declared bankrupt by a local court. However, the gesture was largely symbolic, although it did reflect the anger felt by the loss of one of the town’s main employers. The 42 people who worked at the factory had been on notice for several weeks, so the news did not come as a complete shock.

Local spokesman Gudmundur Björgvinssyni said the site still had a 300-ton regional quota which, hopefully, could open up opportunities for other fish companies, He believed there was the will to find a solution to the problem. His optimism was shared by the Mayor of nearby Ísafjördur, Daníel Jakobsson, who believed that the fish processing operation could be rescued.

A prolonged stoppage by fish meal workers could cause problems for Iceland’s fish processors because there will be no-one to process the fish waste which will have to be disposed of at some point.

Iceland air mechanics strike in 2010: here.

1 thought on “Icelandic fish processing workers on strike?

  1. Strike threatens Icelandic fishing industry

    A strike amongst the Iceland’s fishmeal workers looms, as talks over pay and conditions ended without agreement earlier this week.

    Plants in the east of the country and around the Westmann Islands will be directly affected, but any industrial action will have a deep impact on the important national fishing industry. A protracted strike could also draw in neighbouring countries, including Scotland.

    The dispute over pay and conditions has been simmering for several weeks. Iceland’s Industrial Court last week declared the strike illegal over a technicality.

    The strike has been called in the middle of the busy capelin (smelt) processing season. Capelin is a significant component of the already battered Icelandic economy, generating up to £60 million a year. It is used for fishmeal, oil industry products, salmon feed and for human consumption.

    Icelandic newspapers are reporting that trawler vessel owners could be planning to take their catches to neighbouring countries like Norway and the Faroe Islands, where there are capelin processing facilities, and to Scotland which has fish meal plants.


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