Egyptian democracy movement and the US government

This video is called Spoof on US State Departments Position on Egypt.

Most people in streets yet. People in Egypt are aware of the US role in all of this: here.

Fake Freedom In America: “Why Are Americans Blocked From Watching Al Jazeera English?” Here.

Washington’s Sudden Embrace of Al Jazeera Won’t Erase Past US Crimes Against the Network: here.

Egypt opposition leader ElBaradei: Mubarak must leave by Friday: here.

US/UK Companies Help Egypt Regime Shut Down Telecommunications & Identify Dissident Voices: here.

Dissent and the Spread of Information in Egypt from Hossam on Vimeo.

Contemporary Egyptian artists manage to have their voices heard on their country’s ongoing turmoil: here.

Amsterdam Egypt solidarity demonstration: here. And here.

Sudan has once again intensified censorship of local newspapers, confiscating copies of two dailies and threatening another with suspension for carrying reports on anti-government protests which broke out on Sunday against worsening economic conditions and political repression: here.

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