Egyptian pro-democracy fight inspires other countries

Live Update: Video and Photographs From Egyptian Bloggers: here.

Fighter jets swooped low over Cairo today in a vain attempt to intimidate citizens into ending their six-day uprising against the increasingly isolated Mubarak regime: here.

Jeffrey Fleishman and Borzou Daragahi, The Los Angeles Times: “Egyptian authorities scrambled low-flying fighter jets and dispatched helicopters over thousands of protesters gathered Sunday in the central square of the capital for a sixth day of demonstrations against the regime of President Hosni Mubarak. On the first day of the Egyptian workweek, witnesses also reported protests in the city of Alexandria as the military announced full control over major cities, and an ominous sense of impending violence swept across the country. Gas stations, banks and many businesses were shuttered in the capital”: here.

Egypt’s police state is tottering on the brink in response to the mass popular upsurge against the brutal and corrupt regime of President Hosni Mubarak: here.

Egypt: “I Saw an Old Woman Shot in the Face”: here.

“Because if you’ve been shot, that’s evidence you’re a protester, so therefore you need to be beaten”: here.

Al Jazeera’s Egypt Coverage Embarrasses US Cable News Channels: here.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

On Saturday Arab Israelis rallied in Haifa under communist, Palestinian and Tunisian flags expressing their support for the ongoing protests in Egypt.

Former Israeli MP Issam Makhoul said that the protest aimed to “show solidarity with the uprising of Arab nations in general, and with the Egyptians in particular.

“Popular uprisings that weaken America’s hold on the region will clearly affect Israel too,” Mr Makhoul observed.

Photos are here.

Around 10,000 protesters marched for democratic change in the Kabylie city of Bejaia on Saturday in Algeria’s latest rally inspired by the popular uprising in neighbouring Tunisia: here.

A leading trade unionist attending the World Economic Forum in Davos has warned that the current wave of social unrest roiling north Africa may spread to Europe unless governments get to grips with rising joblessness: here.

Thousands of people marched on London against government education cuts on Saturday before joining a protest in solidarity with the uprising in Egypt: here.

Workers marched through towns across Italy on Friday to protest against new contracts at two Fiat factories that undermine collective bargaining and other hard-won workers’ rights: here.

This video from Albania is called Demonstrators gathering and starting to march on Jan 21,2011 at 2:04 pm.

Albania’s opposition Socialist Party vowed at the weekend to bring down the ruling right-wing coalition after about 100,000 people gathered in Tirana in memory of those killed in clashes with police last week: here.

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