Egypt, Sudan freedom fight continues

This video from 2009 says about itself:

Here is a short video that explains how blogs are being used in Egypt to expose human rights abuses, how Facebook and Twitter have been used to organize demos and strikes. The demos and strikes are described as pro-democracy in the video. There are also explanations of gov’t crackdown and surveillance of bloggers.

Nerds unite! Anonymous Internet users help Egypt: here.

Noam Chomsky talking about Egypt: here.

Egypt: State TV: Al Jazeera offices in Cairo to be shut down, licence revoked: here.

This is a Dutch TV video about big demonstrations today in Egypt.

Egypt: Protests Enter Sixth Day Amid Jail Breaks: here.

Egypt: Protests in 3 locations in Alexandria: here.

Egypt: “1000s” gather in front of Qaid Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria to remember 3 dead protesters: here.

This Sunday: Dutch Protest against Mubarak and PRO Egypt in The Hague: Malieveld 14.00-1600u.

Tunisia Photo Essay: 5000 Rally on Saturday for Equality Between Men and Women: here.

Sudan Latest: Report of demo of up to 100 people protesting price increases: here.

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