Egyptian, Tunisian pro-democracy movements continue

This is a video on the Egyptian pro-democracy mass movement.

The Egyptian government shut down most internet traffic in the country shortly after midnight Thursday morning. The shutdown came after the Associated Press published a camera-phone video of a demonstrator being shot to death by police: here.

This is a Dutch TV video on big demonstrations in Egypt today.

Egypt: Resignation of Mubarak’s Cabinet Do Little to Quell Anti-Gov’t Fervor, as Cairo Protests Enter 5th Day: here.

Robert Fisk reports from the streets of Cairo: here.

Solidarity with the Egyptians’ Uprising. London Wed 2 Feb. Stop the War meeting with George Galloway. DETAILS: here.

Thousands of students arrive at Egyptian Embassy protest in London: here.

The interim Tunisian government has announced a ministerial reshuffle in an effort to maintain its hold on power in the face of continuing protests: here.

Egypt: Saudi King Abdullah denounces protests, supports Mubarak: here.

Hundreds detained in Saudi Arabia over protests: here.

Sudan: Youth Seek to Follow Egypt And Tunisia With Mass Protests: here.

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