Big anti-dictatorship protests in Egypt

This is a video on the pro freedom movement in Egypt, Tunisia, and other countries.

An Egyptian opposition Facebook page, Mama Qarat, just posted this stunning picture of the protests in Tahrir Square

Huge pro-democracy demonstrations, and horrible police violence, today in Egypt.

This is a Dutch TV video on the demonstrations in Egypt today.

Thousands of Protesters Challenge Police Crackdown in Egypt: here.

IP addresses for social media: pass on to people in Egypt needing to use the internet: Twitter: Facebook:

Democracy Now!: LIVE—Journalist Ahmad Shokr reports from Cairo: here.

What happens when a country goes offline? Government disconnects Egypt from internet: here.

Watching Egypt coverage, remembering when U.S. bombed Al Jazeera during Iraq invasion: here.

Al Jazeera English reporter on the line from Suez says main police station has been taken over by protesters.

Guardian live updates: here.

WikiLeaks Cairo cables index: here.

The US and British establishment and Egypt: here.

Solidarity demonstration with Egypt in Jordan: here.

Solidarity demonstration in The Hague: here.

This is called Raw Video: Man Shot in Egypt Protest.

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