Sociable lapwing Erzhan wintering in Sudan

This is called Sociable Lapwing Tracking – RSPB Video.

From BirdLife:

Ace navigator Erzhan emerges in Sudan for a fourth consecutive winter

Thu, Jan 27, 2011

After an absence of any firm location data since early October, Erzhan – our most experienced traveller – has just popped up on our radar again. For the fourth year running we can confirm he is now back in a wintering flock in Sudan.

The variability in the destinations of individual Sociable Lapwings returning to breed or winter each year is fascinating. This year Erzhan is in an area much further north than he has wintered before. Currently he is located in northern Sudan about 200k north of Dagash, and quite near to the Egyptian border whereas previously he has wintered to the south, much closer to Ethiopia.

This last migration, Erzhan’s journey began back in the central Kazakhstan steppes where he summered near Lake Tengiz until at least late August. Almost certainly the oldest and most experienced of our tagged birds, Erzhan set off ahead of the others pushing south west. By mid September he was north of the Caspian Sea and following a now familiar path towards the big staging sites he helped discover in Turkey back in 2007. In early October we learnt he had passed right through south western Russia and Georgia and had arrived safely, as expected, in eastern Turkey. Despite a slightly tense period with no transmissions for three months, news of his rediscovery in Sudan completes yet another amazing journey he has undertaken safely. To read more about Erzhan’s previous exploits follow this link.

Five of our satellite-tagged birds are still transmitting regularly. Right now we know Erzhan is in northern Sudan, Abaj is near Tabak in Saudi Arabia and Dinara is still just west of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India. Raushan, last positively located in Northern Pakistan, might still be present there but is probably at least a little further south and Tatyana – who wast last tracked to either Central Iraq or northern Saudi Arabia, close to the border with Jordan – is still sending out infrequent signals that are too sporadic to pin down.

Representatives of 186 civil society associations gathered outside the Turkish Parliament on Monday in protests against Turkey’s contradictory and worrying Nature and Biodiversity Conservation draft law: here.

Largest Flock of Sociable Lapwings Ever Reported in Oman: here.

Conservation scientists and government officials from fourteen countries spanning three continents are meeting in Syria today to plan collaborative conservation action that aims to prevent the extinction of the Critically Endangered Sociable Lapwing. Countries which have sent representatives include, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Russia, Saudia Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey and United Kingdom: here.

Sociable lapwing in the Netherlands: here.

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