No aid for Australian flood survivors, just for Big Mining

This video is called Australia’s south expects floods.

By James Cogan:

Australia: Gillard announces aid for business, nothing for flood victims

27 January 2011

The so-called flood relief announced today at the National Press Club by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is an utterly inadequate package of just $5.6 billion—compared with estimated damage of $20 billion.

Throughout her speech, Gillard made clear that the priority of her government was not assisting the victims of the floods, but meeting corporate demands that her government return the budget to surplus by 2012-2013 and restore damaged infrastructure that is necessary for the highly profitable operations of major mining conglomerates.

The tragic loss of life and the destruction caused by the floods that have engulfed Queensland and other regions of Australia exposes the criminal indifference of every level of government for the lives and property of ordinary working people: here.

Australia: The government’s war on science: deliberate attack, or abuse by neglect? Here.

2 thoughts on “No aid for Australian flood survivors, just for Big Mining

  1. Rousseff pledges 8,000 homes

    BRAZIL: President Dilma Rousseff has announced that her administration is building 8,000 free homes for survivors of the deadly mudslides that ripped away mountainsides near Rio de Janeiro.

    Ms Rousseff said on Thursday that the housing initiative was a partnership between private companies, the federal government and Rio de Janeiro state, where floods and landslides this month have killed more than 837 people and left 541 missing.


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