Egyptian, Tunisian democrats fight on

This video says about itself:

In this audiocast, we profile three individuals who surrounded Ben Al before fleeing his country. Three persons will be discussed, Ben Ali’s son-in-law Sakhr El Materi, his wife, Leila Ben Ali Trabelsi, and this latter’s nephew Imed Trabelsi.

The United States is working intensively to suppress mass protests in both Tunisia and Egypt and prop up the local ruling elites that are entirely subordinate to American imperialism: here.

Tunisian Minister of Justice, Lazhar Karoui Chebbi, announced Wednesday that 698 people had been arrested for involvement in the unrest that preceded and followed the fall of the former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali on 14 January: here.

Tunisia may purge Ben Ali loyalists: Thursday’s cabinet reshuffle likely to see loyalists of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali gone: here.

The suffering of an ordinary Tanzanian is not very different from that of a Tunisian. Maybe they are only different from us because they are white and we are black, and maybe their “boiling point” is different from ours, but the reality on the ground is that we are all boiling in the same pot: here.

Egyptian police used “brutal force” against anti-government protesters who broke through police cordons Wednesday, a day after authorities banned public demonstrations: here.

Police post in city of Suez burnt down as angry protests continue to erupt despite security crackdown: here.

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