10 thoughts on “NATO admits its Kosovar puppet Thaci is a criminal

  1. Minister demands organ theft probe

    Serbia: Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic has called for an internal UN investigation into claims that Western-backed Kosovan insurgents trafficked human organs around the time of the Nato invasion in 1999.

    Mr Jeremic’s request to the UN security council on Wednesday followed allegations by the Council of Europe that Kosovan PM Hashim Thaci was once the head of a mafia gang which dealt in organs during the 1998-99 war against Serbia.

    The December report claimed that civilians – mostly Serbs – were kidnapped, killed and their kidneys sold on the black market.



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  7. US urges Pristina to try terrorists

    Kosovo: Senior US official Stephen Rapp advised the Pristina administration yesterday to set up a court to try Albanian terrorists accused of organ-trafficking and “disappearing” hundreds of Serb prisoners.

    Mr Rapp, the US ambassador for war crimes, told local media that failure to do so could lead Russia and Serbia to raise the issues at the UN.

    A Council of Europe report alleged that former PM Hashim Thaci headed a criminal network.



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