Tunisian workers continue revolution

Tunisian demonstrators

As thousands continued to demonstrate in Tunisia over the weekend against the interim “national unity” government, antigovernment protests spread to Algeria, Yemen and Jordan: here.

National day of protest set for Tuesday in Egypt: here.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s support for the Tunisian president Ben Ali has created a crisis of credibility for his government. The mass movement, which could spread to the rest of the Maghreb and the Middle East, threatens other pro-Western authoritarian regimes and poses enormous challenges to Western imperialism’s economic and geopolitical interests in the region: here.

Anti-government protesters in the Tunisian capital are continuing to heap pressure on Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi to quit: here.

From The Monitor in Uganda:

Uganda: Ben Ali And the Silly Lies That Our Dictators Tell Themselves

Bernard Tabaire

22 January 2011

There is something particularly ignominious for a long-serving leader to be driven out of office as if he were a chicken thief.

Expelled by “his own” people no less. But it is difficult, unless you were a member of the said leader’s family or inner circle, to feel sad. Hello, Mr Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, former supreme despot of Tunisia.

Other comments from Uganda are here.

The politburo of the Unionist Democratic Union (UDU) released a statement in which it commended the revolution of the “brave and free Tunisian people who have led this glorious revolution to bring down the foundations of the symbols of the regime of corruption and despotism”: here.

Ettajdid Movement demanded, in a communiqué made public on Tuesday, the withdrawal from the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD) [the party of ex-dictator Ben Ali] all Constitutional Democratic ministers members of the National Unity Government (NUG), freezing of the Party’s property and banking accounts, as well as dissolution of RCD professional cells in enterprises: here.

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