Irish pro-capitalist government collapses

This cartoon video from Ireland is called IRISH ECONOMIC CRISIS EXPLAINED (By Cartoon Robots).

From daily News Line in London today:

AFTER the resignation of the Foreign Minister and four other members of the Irish cabinet, the Prime Minister, Cowen has resigned as the leader of the main government party, Fianna Fail, and tomorrow his government faces a vote of confidence in the Irish parliament.

It had a majority of two, its Green Party component has defected. Clearly it has reached the end of the road.

The government also published, last Friday, its Finance Bill, which contains the conditions attached to the recent IMF-World Bank 85bn euro loan, which effectively returns Eire to being a colony, this time under the rule of the European Central Bank, with the intention of turning the working class into a slave labour force.

Speaking before the Green Party’s announcement that it was pulling out of government Sinn Féin vice President Mary Lou Mc Donald said the instability and chaos of the last week had made the Greens continuation in government untenable: here.

Ireland’s unravelling government insisted today that Fine Gael and Labour must give it enough time to pass a tax-raising Bill before parliament is dissolved: here.

Irish election called: Fianna Fail and Greens facing wipe-out: here. Sinn Fein expects success: here.

State department cable reveals possible use of Irish IT infrastructure to pilot unmanned drones in Afghanistan. A recent article in Phoenix Magazine (behind paywall) conjectures that undersea fibre-optic cables channeled through sites in Ireland, revealed in Wikileaks release of 09STATE15113, are in fact part of the U.S. military infrastructure for piloting Predator Drones in Afghanistan from a military base in Nevada. If true, this could be illegal under Irish constitutional commitments to neutrality: here.

Irish women earn 30 per cent less than men: here.

Ordinary Greek citizens are protesting the decision by their national government to accede to an austerity regimen imposed by the European Union that will curtail social benefits. Philly Solidarity sent subscribers a link to an article (and street photos) of a December 16, 2010 mobilization in Athens. Read the article and see the photos here.

6 thoughts on “Irish pro-capitalist government collapses

  1. Envoy agrees with Biffo nickname

    IRELAND: Documents given by WikiLeaks to the Belfast Telegraph caused a stir today after embarrassing comments by the US ambassador were revealed.

    A secret message sent by ambassador Thomas Foley to then secretary of state Condoleeza Rice detailed former taoiseach Brian Cowen’s fondness for “pubs and singing.”

    It also revealed that his nickname Biffo meant “big ignorant fucker from Offaly,” a tag that the ambassador said suited him “especially well.”


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