National garden birdcount

This weekend was the national garden birdcount.

The aim was to count all birds in gardens or on balconies showing up during a 30 minute period.

I counted for half an hour, from the same village window as last year.

However, last year it was sunny, and there was snow on the ground. Today, it was a rainy afternoon, meaning many less birds.

I saw five jackdaws in trees. I also saw about fifty jackdaws flying past. However, birds just flying past do not count.

There was one male blackbird. And a great tit at a feeder.

This is a house sparrow video.

The (provisional) national top ten is:

1. House sparrow 106161
2. Great tit 73569
3. Blackbird 52113
4. Blue tit 48171
5. Chaffinch 47033
6. Starling 33973
7. Jackdaw 33521
8. Collared dove 30056
9. Wood pigeon 24890
10. Magpie 18567

USA: According to a March 7, 2011, announcement from the Great Backyard Bird Count, the European Starling, with its dazzling, iridescent feathers and remarkable ability to mimic calls from other birds, is currently in first place on the top 10 list of most numerous birds with a count of 1,377,118. Top billing for the European Starling in the numbers category is not surprising. The European Starling population in North America consists of an estimated 200 million birds.

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