German woman sailor’s death causes mutiny

This September 2018 German TV video says that in renovating the navy ship Gorch Fock tropical wood from Myanmar is used, against environmental rules.

From AFP news agency:

German navy captain sacked over mutiny

1 day ago

BERLIN — The German navy has sacked the captain of its three-masted naval training vessel the Gorch Fock, the defence ministry said, after the death of a female cadet sparked a mutiny.

The tall ship, currently in the Argentine port of Ushuaia, has been recalled to its home port of Kiel in the Baltic Sea to await a government decision on its future, the ministry said.

“Commander Norbert Schatz of the Gorch Fock is to leave his post,” a spokesman told AFP.

Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg told Sunday’s upcoming edition of Bild am Sonntag that the ship “will be withdrawn from service until a commission is formed, including members of the Bundestag, to determine whether the Gorch Fock has a future as a training vessel and ambassador of Germany”.

The vessel was ordered to return to port amid reports that cadets had refused Schatz’s orders to climb the rigging after a 25-year-old female trainee fell to her death from a yardarm while the ship was sailing off Salvador de Bahia in Brazil.

German MP Helmut Konigshaus said this week in a letter to parliament’s defence committee that four cadets are accused of “inciting rebellion” aboard after they refused direct orders to climb the rigging.

All 70 cadets on board were flown back to Germany when the defence ministry terminated their training on the troubled vessel and sent officials to Ushuaia to open an inquiry.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV, about the cause of the mutiny:

Possibly because the captain reacted indifferently to the death of the woman. The case became news only this week.


The captain was fired today. Why was not disclosed.

The mother of the victim wants to sue the German state for manslaughter.

It seems the cadets were fired a lot sooner for human empathy than the captain was fired for indifference to death.

More on this case, including sexual harassment allegations, here.

German naval training staff face allegations of ‘aggressive sexual harassment’: here.

January 2019 Gorch Fock 135 million eoros cost overrun scandal: here.

German MPs grilled Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg today over a slew of scandals rocking the country’s military.

Right-wing political and media forces are demagogically exploiting the extraordinary arrogance of Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg to further undermine democratic rights in Germany: here.

6 thoughts on “German woman sailor’s death causes mutiny

  1. Minister gives up fishy doctorate

    GERMANY: Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg relinquished his doctorate today following allegations that he had plagiarised a sizeable part of his doctoral thesis.

    During a speech in Kelkheim he acknowledged that he had made “grave mistakes.”

    The minister has previously admitted “mistakes” but strongly denied the allegations of plagiarism.

    “On some instances I possibly lost control of the sources,” Guttenberg told members of his CSU party.


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