Australian flood survivor threatened with arrest

This video from Australia is called Grantham devastated by flood waters.

By Richard Phillips in Australia:

Australia: Grantham flood survivor threatened with arrest

18 January 2011

Queensland police threatened Grantham service station owner Martin Warburton, 41, with arrest on Thursday if he attempted to speak with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Queensland Premier Anna Bligh about the failure of their governments to provide timely and adequate assistance to the flood-ravage community. Warburton, who is chairman of the Grantham relief committee and a former councillor, was told by the local police sergeant he could be arrested and charged for “inciting fear and anger in the community”.

The threat was issued a day before Gillard and Bligh were scheduled to visit a local evacuation centre and followed warnings to the media by Queensland Flood Recovery Taskforce head, Major-General Mick Slater, that any reportage of community “divisiveness” would hamper the “success” of the recovery operation. These developments further highlight the political reality that the principal concerns of the Flood Recovery Taskforce is not the plight of ordinary people but protecting the state and federal governments and corporate interests.

Australia: Grantham—a community devastated. On-the-spot report from Queensland: here.

Australia: Money for flood relief, not war: here.

Inundation is continuing to threaten towns, communities and farms in northern Victoria, as evidence emerges of government failures: here.

As the human and economic costs mount, damaging flooding is still occurring in the southern state of Victoria, and floodwaters are threatening towns and farms in parts of Queensland and New South Wales: here.

The reality on the ground in Sri Lanka’s flood-affected areas is vastly different from the sanitised view being presented in television footage: here.

Dutch floods and wildlife: here.

If a city drowns beneath a once-in-a-hundred-years flood, that’s weather. Such things have happened in the past. But when hundred-year floods start happening every few decades, that’s no longer just weather. The dice have become loaded for different outcomes. Climate — that is, the average of weather — is changing: here.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has delayed its decision on the controversial new coalmine proposed for Margaret River in Western Australia: here. And here.

2 thoughts on “Australian flood survivor threatened with arrest

  1. Cold front leads to flooding disaster

    Philippines: Stormy weather since late December has killed 56 people in the Philippines and left at least 19 missing, mostly fishermen lost in rough seas, disaster authorities said today.

    Raging floodwaters and landslides from unseasonable rains that hit 25 provinces in the central and southern Philippines accounted for most of the deaths.

    National weather bureau chief Graciano Yumul said that the unusually heavy rains at this time of the year had been caused by a cold front aggravated by the La Nina weather phenomenon – cooler-than-normal surface temperatures over parts of the Pacific Ocean.


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