Floods in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Australia

This video is called Brazil flood.

The death toll from flooding and mudslides rose past 500 Friday, with hundreds more missing, as Brazil confronted its worst ever natural disaster: here.

Severe flooding in Sri Lanka and Australia, caused by the same regional La Niña weather pattern, has had devastating consequences in both countries. More than a million people have been affected by the floods triggered by torrential rains in Sri Lanka, particularly in the eastern districts of Batticaloa and Ampara. In Australia, thousands of people have had their homes inundated by flood waters, especially in the north-eastern state of Queensland and its capital, Brisbane: here.

Wildlife hit hard by Queensland floods: here.

Dozens of rural Australian communities were sandbagging their properties today as they nervously watched four rivers rise from heavy rains upstream: here.

‘The Queensland flood crisis is now a national emergency on a historic scale. It now requires urgent and unprecedented action. We call on the Gillard federal government to call our troops back from the war in Afghanistan to assist with tackling the flood crisis and its aftermath,” Ewan Saunders, Socialist Alliance Queensland co-convenor, said today: here.

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