Tucson massacre and the US media

This video from the USA is called 9 year old Christina Taylor Green Born 9 11 2001 Killed 1 8 2011 at Giffords Shooting.

As more information has emerged about the 22-year-old gunman who carried out a massacre Saturday outside a Tucson supermarket, the American media has sought to downplay the clear connection between his attempted assassination of a Democratic member of the House of Representatives and the politics of the ultra-right: here.

Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and other far right-wing demagogues have been quick to defend themselves from the charge of fostering a climate of poisonous political hatred in the United States, in the aftermath of the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Gifford and the killing of Federal Judge John Roll, along with the injuring or killing of 10 other victims: here.

Jewish Groups: ‘We Are Deeply Disturbed’ By Palin’s Use Of Anti-Semitic Term ‘Blood Libel,’ She Should Apologize: here.

Jason Linkins: Hey, everyone. Not to unnerve you, but apparently, days after a madman went on a murdery rampage with a Glock in Arizona, Arizonans are heading to gun stores in droves to purchase the very same weapon used by Jared Lee Loughner. It’s as good an example as anything to demonstrate that there really is no such thing as bad publicity, only an implacable, gnawing cynicism that permeates our existence and sends us, sobbing, into a fetal position: here.

Will Potter, author of Green is the New Red.com, points out that Sarah Palin’s notorious “crosshairs” map, in which the districts of Gabrielle Giffords and other Democratic House members are marked with gun sights, would have qualified her as an “animal-enterprise terrorist” had she been targeting executives of animal-testing laboratories instead of Congressional supporters of the new health-insurance law: here.

Tea Party Billionaire David Koch Denies Climate Change, Shrugs Off His Carbon Pollution: Lee Fang, ThinkProgress: “This week, ThinkProgress conducted an impromptu interview with David Koch – one of the richest men in America, co-owner of the conglomerate Koch Industries, and a top financier of right-wing front groups – after we found him leaving the swearing-in ceremony for Speaker John Boehner (R-OH). In the first part of the interview, Koch said that he ‘admire[s]’ the Tea Party movement, and that ‘the rank and file are just normal people like us.’ As ThinkProgress has detailed, Koch operatives orchestrated the first anti-Obama Tea Party protests, channeled Tea Party groups into increasing the Koch’s personal wealth, and organized Tea Parties for Republican campaigns and lobbying drives”: here.

Republican quits party leadership post because of Tea Party threats: here.

2 thoughts on “Tucson massacre and the US media


    While the mainstream corporate media, for the most part, continues its exercise in false equivalencies about violence coming from the right and the left, anybody with an ounce of common sense knows that this is nonsense.

    First of all, as just one of thousands of examples, if a high school student running for student council circulated a map of opponents who he or she was targeting with a rifle sight, that student would be summarily suspended or expelled from school. But Sarah Palin keeps on tweeting away, while she sends out an aide to say that she really didn’t mean to imply than anyone was aiming a gun at her “enemies,” which included Gabrielle Giffords.

    Palin, who wants people to see her as the common person, is anything but common. She would be considered a dangerous demagogue in any nation but America, where she is a politician “too big to fail.” (Although, one should note that at this particular moment she is tanking in the polls.)

    I won’t even get into the media shills who pour the gasoline, light the match and declare their innocence when someone grabs the match from their hand and sets the government on fire.

    But here’s one simple truth; the right has guns – millions and millions of them – but the left uses words as its political force of persuasion, not bullets. And the right-wing media shills, and the right-wing politicians and the right-wing advocacy groups all know this basic fact: they have the firepower.

    Yesterday, Truthout’s William Rivers Pitt wrote “The Wrath of Fools: An Open Letter to the Far Right” that has received an outpouring of readership and support.

    There’s a reason for that: it eloquently expresses the outrage of citizens under siege from armed thugs, who relish imagery and instruments of death:

    You false patriots who bring assault rifles to political rallies, you hack politicians and media personalities who lied through your stinking teeth about “death panels” and “Obama is coming for your guns” and “He isn’t a citizen” and “He’s a secret Muslim” and “Sharia Law is coming to America,” you who spread this bastard gospel and you who swallowed it whole, I am talking to you, because this was your doing just as surely as it was the doing of the deranged damned soul who pulled the trigger. The poison you injected into our culture is deeply culpable for this carnage.

    This was not the cancer upon our society that our Revolutionary founders had in mind.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout


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