Australian floods kill people

This video from Australia is called Toowoomba Flood 2011.01.10.

Australia: at least eight people, including four children, were killed and more than 70 remain missing, feared dead, after devastating flash floods smashed their way through Toowoomba and nearby towns west of the Queensland capital Brisbane yesterday. The latest fatalities take the flood death toll to 19 since mid-December, when the state was hit by major flooding caused by a La Niña weather pattern: here.

Meteorologists were predicting the wet weather that is currently flooding parts of eastern Australia as far back as July 2010: here.

The economic cost of the Queensland flood disaster is impacting on coal, wheat, sugar, and cotton prices internationally: here.

The devastation in Brisbane is a result of government neglect of basic infrastructure, emergency services, flood management and mitigation measures and other vital needs: here.

It’s one of the most amazing images to come out of the Queensland Floods so far – a frog riding the back of a brown snake: here.

More than six months after catastrophic floods first hit Pakistan, millions of people remain without proper shelter and adequate food supplies and at risk of disease. This tragedy is a stunning indictment of the Pakistani bourgeoisie and its international allies, above all Washington: here.

4 thoughts on “Australian floods kill people

  1. Flooding death toll up to 13

    Sri Lanka: Floods and mudslides over several parts of the country have now killed 13 people, with four more reported dead since the weekend.

    The Disaster Management Centre said today that over 120,000 people have been forced from their homes and are living in camps.

    The government has deployed the air force and navy to drop food and rescue marooned residents, mainly in the worst-affected eastern district of Batticaloa.
    Military searches for flood missing

    Australia: The military deployed helicopters today to search for people missing after a tsunami-like wall of water ripped through Queensland state’s Lockyer Valley, tossing cars like toys in the deadliest episode of its flood crisis.

    At least 10 people were killed and 78 are still missing almost 24 hours after the flash flood hurled millions of gallons of water down the valley.

    The torrent slowed and spread out as it moved downstream towards Brisbane, where authorities are preparing for about 6,500 properties to be flooded by about three feet of water in the next few days.


  2. Seven drown in monsoon floods

    PHILIPPINES: Heavy monsoon rains that have been drenching the eastern Philippines for two weeks have drowned seven more people, disaster officials said today, raising the death toll to 40 with seven missing.

    The government’s national disaster council said that two children aged six and a third aged nine were among the victims of flash floods that hit Samar Island on Tuesday.

    Over a million people have been affected by the floods in the northern, central and southern Philippines. Twenty-five thousand have sought shelter in evacuation centres, nearly half of them in Albay province in the central Bicol region.


  3. Waterborne illness prevention plan

    SRI LANKA: Authorities are hospitalising pregnant women and young children in flooded districts to shield them from waterborne diseases, a health official reported today.

    Days of heavy rain have triggered widespread floods and mudslides, mainly in the island’s Eastern Province. Five more deaths were reported today, bringing the toll to 23. One person was reported missing and 36 others injured.

    Sewage pipes and tanks have overflowed in many villages, and Health Ministry spokesman Dharma Wanninayake said officials are concerned about diseases like typhoid and diarrhoea.
    President visits mudslide areas

    BRAZIL: President Dilma Rousseff flew today over mountainous municipalities hit by mudslides that have claimed over 300 lives.

    In the hardest-hit town of Teresopolis, where the civil defence agency said at least 146 people had died, hundreds of family members crowded around the town morgue waiting to identify bodies.

    On Wednesday Ms Rousseff signed a measure sending 700 million reals (£290m) to towns in Rio and Sao Paulo states that were damaged during the recent rains.
    Brisbane awaiting damage report

    AUSTRALIA: Residents of Brisbane began a long wait today for floodwaters to subside and reveal the extent of devastation to the country’s third largest city.

    The death toll stood at 25, including a man who drowned today when he was sucked into a storm drain as he tried to check on his father’s home.

    Brisbane’s escape from what forecasters had predicted would be a flood worse than one that laid waste to much of the city 37 years ago triggered relief nationwide.


  4. The storm season is worsening in Australia, and also the Brisbane floods are getting even more serious. The Southern hemisphere is currently in its summer season. Monsoon rains and a hurricane have battered the state of Queensland with flooding. Floods this pervasive are hardly ever seen Down Under, as this is the worst instance of flooding in over a century. You will find going to be mass amount of payday loans taken out to try and repair these damages.


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