Canadian pterosaur discovery

This video from the USA is called Texas pterosaur.

From the University of Alberta in Canada:

New species of flying reptile identified on B.C. coast

Persistence paid off for a University of Alberta paleontology researcher, who after months of pondering the origins of a fossilized jaw bone, finally identified it as a new species of pterosaur, a flying reptile that lived 70 million years ago.

Victoria Arbour says she was stumped when the small piece of jaw bone was first pulled out of of a fossil storage cabinet in the U of A’s paleontology department.

“It could have been from a dinosaur, a fish or a marine reptile,” said Arbour. ”

Arbour, a PhD student in paleontology, says the first clue to the fossil’s identify came after she compared it to known species of pterosaurs, “I found a previously published paper describing the teeth of a previously discovered pterosaur and ours was very close,” said Arbour.

“The teeth of our fossil were small and set close together,” said Arbour. “They reminded me of piranha teeth, designed for pecking away at meat.” That led Arbour to believe her new species, named Gwawinapterus beardi was a scavenger of the late Cretaceous. “It had a wing span of about 3 metres and patrolled the sky and set down to feed on the leftover kills made by predator dinosaurs of the time such as Albertosaurus.”

The fossil is not only a new species it’s the first pterosaur of any kind to be found in British Columbia. It was found on Hornby Island, off the coast of Vancouver Island

However, Arbour says the place where the fossil was located has little to do with the actual area where the living pterosaur, was actually flying around 70 million years ago.

“In the late Cretaceous period, the B.C. coastal islands were about 2,500 kilometres to the south and part of what is now mainland, California,” said Arbour.

Arbour’s research was published in the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences.

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Sometimes research is a useful corrective to conventional wisdom. When Dr Mark Witton, a Research Associate at Portsmouth University’s School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, and Dr Michael Habib of Chatham University, Pennsylvania, read that the largest pterosaurs were too big to fly, they knew something was missing. ‘Last year,’ says Dr Witton, ‘a study came out which said that no animal larger than 4 or 5 metres across the wings could fly, and could weigh no more than 40 kilograms. Then this year, another study came out that said that the largest pterosaurs weighed about half a ton and that would make them too heavy to fly’: here.

WikiLeaks news

This video is called US tells Twitter to hand over WikiLeaks supporter’s messages – Iceland MP.

The US Department of Justice issued a subpoena to Twitter, the social networking site, demanding that it hand over information on WikiLeaks and its collaborators, including a member of the Icelandic parliament: here.

Iceland furious over US subpoena of Twitter accounts: here.

WikiLeaks cables confirm US knowledge of Indonesian military’s crimes: Leaked cables from the US embassy in Jakarta demonstrate that even as Washington was pursuing closer relations with the Indonesian armed forces (TNI), the American government was well aware of the TNI’s ongoing human rights abuses in Papua: here.

Far-Right massacre in Arizona, USA

This video from the USA is called Giffords Shot! Palin Responsible? Keith Olbermann Special Comment On Gabrielle Giffords Shooting.

Mounting evidence has linked the 22-year-old gunman who severely wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, killed a federal judge and killed or wounded 18 others in Tucson, Arizona to the political right: here.

The shooting rampage on Saturday in Tucson, Arizona was clearly an act of right-wing terrorism: here.

Don’t expect the right to connect the dots between its violent talk and actual violence: here. And here.

Neurosurgeon tells CBS Rep. Gabrielle Giffords “holding her own” after shot to head: here.

“Too soon to know.” Doctors assess Gabrielle Giffords’ brain trauma: here.

Loughner Friend Explains Alleged Gunman’s Grudge Against Giffords: here.

Drew Westen: Saturday was not the first time Gabby Giffords — or countless other lawmakers, candidates, and elected officials, including President Obama — was confronted at a campaign rally or town hall meeting by gun-toting bullies, whose primary goal (at least until this weekend) was intimidation. That bringing a concealed weapon within that proximity to an elected official could be legal in the world’s longest-lasting democracy is both surreal and shameful — and now it threatens that democracy: here.

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