German cancer food scandal continues

This 19 January 2011 video is called Tighter Controls Promised As German Dioxin Scandal Continues.

German authorities have barred over 4,700 farms from selling their meat and eggs as a precautionary measure after animal feed was found to be contaminated with carcinogens: here.

2 thoughts on “German cancer food scandal continues

  1. Dioxin feed pigs to be killed

    Germany: Lower Saxony’s agriculture minister says that hundreds of pigs must be killed on a farm in the state because their meat contains high levels of dioxin.

    Gert Hahne said that the high levels of dioxin were found early today at a farm in the county of Verden.

    The farm was being examined because it had bought livestock feed from the German firm Harles & Jentzsch GmbH, which had produced fat used in tainted feed pellets. The fat contained more than 70 times the approved amount of the chemical.


  2. Firm hid deliveries of poisoned feed

    GERMANY: The country’s dioxin-tainted food scandal got worse at the weekend as authorities banned another 934 farms from selling eggs, poultry and pork after discovering Harles & Jentzsch GmbH had hidden deliveries of possibly contaminated livestock feed.

    Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner said prosecutors in Lower Saxony had opened an investigation and police had searched several of the firm’s offices after it emerged that it also sold feed to farms in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Brandenburg.


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