Blackbird on balcony

This is a blackbird video.

This morning, apart from the usual great tits and blue tits, a blackbird on the balcony.

People put up bird feeders to help wild birds survive the winter, but little is known about how they affect behaviour. To find out, Valentin Amrhein of the University of Basel in Switzerland set up feeders in a forested area outside Oslo, Norway, home to territorial great tits (Parus major). Two weeks later they taped the dawn singing of each bird with a feeder in its territory and compared it with birds with no feeder: here.

January 2011. Latest results from the year-round British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Garden BirdWatch have revealed a busy winter for local garden birdwatchers. Householders have been treated to the familiar Blue Tit, the sleek Raven, and many other exciting birds in huge numbers: here.

Moths at bird feeder: here.