North Australian floods

This video from Australia is called Toowoomba Flood 2011.01.10.

Three people drowned last weekend, as floods continue to wreak havoc across Australia’s north-eastern state of Queensland, isolating scores of towns and inundating thousands of homes: here.

La Niña and monsoonal winds flood northern Australia: here.

Frogs, snakes, mice, spiders, crocodiles and likely other reptiles and amphibians are now too close for human comfort in Queensland, Australia, where recent severe floods transported these creatures in and around homes, according to reports in The Australian and other sources there: here.

Australia put an army general in charge of flood recovery efforts today after weeks of heavy rains deluged the country’s north-east, crippling the area’s economy, including the key coalmining industry: here.

Australia: Queensland crisis points to lack of flood mitigation and basic infrastructure: here.

Former deputy director of the NSW State Emergency Service Chas Keys spoke to the WSWS about declining state and federal government funds for flood mitigation, housing development on flood plains, deforestation and other factors behind the Queensland flood disaster: here.

2 thoughts on “North Australian floods

  1. Workers start flood clean-up

    AUSTRALIA: Clean-up crews toiled under more pounding rain today to clear mountains of debris in flood-ravaged communities across the north-east of the country.

    One mayor warned it could take his city up to a year to recover from the worst flooding in decades.

    Officials were only beginning to see the scope of the damage as river levels across Queensland state started dropping despite new thunderstorms.

    Floodwaters were expected to stay high in many areas for at least another week, and officials warned evacuated residents to stay far away from their waterlogged homes.


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