Rupert Murdoch against bloggers’ free speech

This video says about itself:

21 December 2008

In December 2008 something remarkable happened. For the first time in the history of the nation a GLOBAL protest took place in support of an Australian. Further, this was supported by a unique ground breaking video, and Tara Hack’s beautiful support song. Within a myriad of trivia and smear constantly reported, here was a hard substantial news story.

But it was not reported as such by the mainstream media. In fact they didn’t report it as all, despite every major organ being approached and notified! It is just one of many examples of censorship and opinion management.

This short video documents the case using some familiar characters: Rumpole of the Bailey and Rupert Murdoch.

Please use it as a launch pad to understand the overall process used by the media to undermine Schapelle, and manage public opinion against her – to derive headline revenue and simultaneously help the government sustain its strategically important relationship with Indonesia. There are countless individual examples to demonstrate this, but the general process is described by the video I mention in the film itself (see my profile).

Schapelle Corby need YOUR help. She needs you to see, and understand, the truth.

By John Wight on Socialist Unity blog in Britain:

2 January, 2011


In a bizarre development in the wake of the Sheridan perjury trial, the Scottish News of the World’s political editor, Euan McColm, has accused this blog of publishing ‘veiled threats’ against Crown witnesses and – wait for it – is calling for the police to shut the blog down.

Predictably, after the verdict, the NOTW has gone nuclear on Tommy Sheridan, his wife, friends and those who took the stand in his defence, with the second six page spread in as many weeks appearing in today’s Scottish edition. …

If any threats have been made on this blog over the Sheridan trial they have been made against defence witnesses and Sheridan supporters. No threats, veiled or otherwise, have been made against Crown witnesses on this blog by any of its contributors. Criticisms have been made, yes, threats, no. Furthemore, SU moderators have gone to great lengths to delete or edit any comments which could have prejudiced the trial’s outcome.

The power of the Murdoch Press in this country has long been an issue for the left, the trade union movement, and all politically aware citizens concerned about the increasing influence and power of this foreign owned right wing news corporation.

As for Mr McColm using the pages of his column to call for the police to shut down a left wing blog. Isn’t this what they do in right wing dictatorships?

See also here.

How self-censorship works in the empire of Rupert Murdoch: here.

THE revelation yesterday that the News of the World (NoW) newspaper had quietly suspended its assistant editor (news), Ian Edmondson, just before Christmas, has turned the spotlight once again on the activities of Rupert Murdoch’s News International Group and in particular its close relationship with the police, politicians and the capitalist state: here.

News of the World hacking scandal throws spotlight on Murdoch media empire: here.

Murdoch’s News of the World phone hacking forces resignation of Andy Coulson: here.

Union leader Bob Crow has asked police to investigate suspicions that his phone had been tapped by the News of the World: here.

Jeremy Dear recalls the challenge to Murdoch’s infamous practices at Wapping and spells out the present threat to broadcasting posed by the imminent sanctioning of the BSkyB takeover by News Corp.

Murdoch media phone hacking scandal may be more widespread: here.

Climate change: Rupert Murdoch’s ‘Australian’ peddles damaging bad science: here.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp sued over ‘nepotism’ in buying his daughter’s firm: here.

The German Axel Springer media empire and its nazi history: here.

8 thoughts on “Rupert Murdoch against bloggers’ free speech

  1. Re #1: I agree with you that Murdoch should not own any media in Britain; and also not in the USA where his Fox “News” poisons public opinion; or in any other country.

    See the recent entries on this blog on Murdoch’s phone hacking etc. scandals, like here and here.


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