Economic crisis continues, workers fight back

This cartoon video from Ireland is called IRISH ECONOMIC CRISIS EXPLAINED (By Cartoon Robots).

Irish politicians started to plot their election strategies today following Taoiseach Brian Cowen’s announcement of a March 11 poll: here.

Global Poverty Doubled- U.N. Report: here.

The price of food staples such as wheat, corn and rice soared 26 percent from June to November, nearing the peaks reached during the global food crisis of 2008: here.

India price hikes loom inflation: Population concerned as food prices skyrocket, making basic vegetables unaffordable: here.

Gates Foundation’s approach to food security in Africa & its association with Monsanto and Cargill: here.

India’s Shunned Latrine Cleaners Toil Despite Ban: here. 300,000 workers, mostly women, do this degrading work.

Outgoing ThyssenKrupp chairman Ekkehard Schulz has called for the setting up of a “German raw materials corporation” to counteract skyrocketing prices and the growing shortage of raw materials on the world market: here.

British bankers rebuffed by Cambridge over request to censor scholarly paper: here.

As many as nine million American families have been foreclosed or face the threat of it in the coming year: here.

USA: Teachers at Central Falls High School in Rhode Island, who were fired en masse last February, are facing renewed threats to their jobs and working conditions: here.

In Tirupur, a reputed boom town in the southeast Indian state of Tamil Nadu, close to a thousand garment workers or their family members have committed suicide during the past two years: here.

India: Madhya Pradesh nurses strike: here.

Capitalists stealing workers’ wages becoming national epidemic: here.

2 thoughts on “Economic crisis continues, workers fight back

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