New Orleans homeless killed by fire

Eight people perished in an abandoned warehouse in the US city of New Orleans Tuesday morning after lighting a fire to keep warm in freezing temperatures: here. See also here.

A major blizzard struck the northeastern US over the weekend, cutting power to tens of thousands and stranding holiday travelers: here.

A traveler describes his experience riding on an Amtrak passenger train during the recent East Coast blizzard in the US: here.

Basic New York City services came to a near halt on Monday and Tuesday after a severe blizzard blanketed the East Coast on Sunday night and Monday morning: here.

There was growing anger against Northern Ireland Water as up to 40,000 homes and businesses were still without water supplies today after a thaw in icy conditions caused pipes to burst: here. And here.

Northern Ireland Water said today that tens of thousands of people who are still without water could have to wait until the new year before they are reconnected: here.

Underfunding and cuts lie behind Northern Ireland’s water disaster: here. And here.

2 thoughts on “New Orleans homeless killed by fire

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