Dutch Somali ‘terrorists’ or victims of extortion?

This video is called Naomi Klein: The War on Terror (1 of 2).

And here is #2.

If Somalis, if they also happen to be independent journalists, are not threatened by the United States-backed Somali warlord “transitional government” if they dare to expose that government’s corruption … and if Somalis are not homeless refugees in their own country, threatened by that United States-backed Somali warlord “transitional government” as well … and if they are not refugees in Saudi Arabia, sent back by the Saudi regime to the war in Somalia … then Somalis may end up as refugees in the Netherlands.

And then, special anti-terror police may arrest those refugees as “terrorists”, egged on to do so by the Dutch secret service AIVD. Terrorists? Really? Or is the umpteenth case where there is much media noise about (Muslim) “terrorism” where later it turns out there was much noise but few if any substance? Dutch police have already released eleven of the originally twelve Somali terror suspects.

Translated from RTV Rijnmond in Rotterdam, the Netherlands:

Somalis say they are victims of extortion

December 29, 2010

Somalis who have been suspected of planning a terrorist attack are said to be victims of extortion. They had the choice: pay or be associated with terrorism.

This says Farah Nuur, the brother of one of the Somalis arrested in Rotterdam. The person said to be guilty of this extortion is the Somali journalist Dahir Alasow. This man lives in Breda in and denies in daily de Volkskrant having anything to do with the matter.


Farah Nuur says Alasow has links to the CIA and works closely with the anti-terror unit in Nairobi. Farah therefore suspects that the denunciations to the AIVD security service came from Kenya. “Dahir Alasow receives money from anti-terrorist organizations in exchange for information. He says he is a journalist, but he denounces just anybody at his site and ultimately he is just in it for the money. ”

Imam extorted

The imam of the Dar-al Hijara mosque, Putselaan in Rotterdam, according to Farah has been extorted by Alasow as well. Farah Nuur calls the man “very dangerous” and notorious in Somali circles. The Somali men in Rotterdam say they have proof of extortion and already intended for some time to report Dahir Alasow to the police. That’s what they will do now, besides filing a complaint against the AIVD and claiming damages.

UPDATE 30 December 2010: Dutch police have released the last remaining Somali “terrorist”.

Single tip can now land a person on US terrorism watch list: here.

Somalia: Mogadishu Civilians Call for Ceasefire: here.

4 thoughts on “Dutch Somali ‘terrorists’ or victims of extortion?


    When does terror succeed, even if there isn’t terrorism?

    That’s a pertinent question to ask as we enter 2011, in which we will mark a decade since 9/11.

    Whether Osama bin Laden is dead or alive, a relatively small group of radical religious fundamentalists has made Americans quiver in fear at any news report of a suspected “terrorist threat.” Moreover, “anti-terrorism” has become an industry that puts an enormous economic stress on the American economy. Just think about the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the domestic “homeland security” business.

    An article in the Stratfor Global Intelligence newsletter warns about the danger of allowing news and government reports on terrorist threats to evolve into disabling fear. When we allow the “practitioners of terrorism and terror the ability to magnify their reach and power,” they achieve their goals.

    The Bush administration excelled at empowering Osama bin Laden and his followers by perpetually inciting fear among Americans. The Obama administration has been much more measured in its public pronouncements, but the anti-terrorism industry – including the wars – continues unabated.

    Measuring the cost of ginning up fear is not just a question of dollars. Over the last decade. we have seen our civil liberties eroded in the name of fighting terrorists, thus achieving one of their key goals: the dismantling of secular, free and open societies. Bush used to say that the terrorists hate us for our freedoms, so his response was to slowly take away our freedoms and rights of privacy.

    There is a paralyzing danger, as Stratfor advises, to becoming “vicarious victims” of terrorist threats, particularly with the ubiquitous presence of 24-hour “news” networks.

    In 1933, FDR had the prescription for our 9/11 post-traumatic stress disorder: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout


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