Hong Kong official’s Galapagos wildlife crime

This video says about itself:

In the midst of a moderate el nino, Galapagos still has plenty to offer. Schooling hammerheads, giant mantas, yellowfin tuna, Galapagos sharks, silkeys, sea lions, penguins, and whale sharks.

From AFP news agency:

Hong Kong official found with protected species: Ecuador

QUITO, Monday 27 December 2010 – Protected marine species were seized from a Hong Kong official as he was trying to leave the Galapagos islands, a national park famed as a wildlife preserve, authorities said Monday.

The Galapagos National Park filed a criminal complaint against Li Ping Yan, but has not detained him, a park spokesman said.

The complaint accused Li of possessing and transporting protected species, but did not say when the incident occurred.

Authorities said they found 20 dried seahorses and 37 pieces of an unidentified marine species, possibly a shark, which are protected in Ecuador, in his suitcase.

“When Li Ping Yan was informed that what he was transporting was illegal, he said he had freely acquired it,” the complaint said. It was not immediately clear what position Li holds in the Hong Kong administration.

A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Quito told AFP that it had not been involved in the case “because so far we have not received any notification from the government or from the national park.”

The Galapagos islands were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978 because of the number of unique species found on the isolated archipelago 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) off the Pacific coast of South America.

The islands were made famous by British naturalist Charles Darwin, who studied their wildlife during his voyage on the ship, The Beagle, gathering data that would later contribute to his theory of evolution.

Galapagos tortoises: here.

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong official’s Galapagos wildlife crime

  1. I truly cannot believe that this type of event takes place…and even more so in the enchanted islands! I am truly saddened by this news and hope that tourists/locals/companies/ and the world can work together to improve conservation and stop these ridiculous and harmful acts of violence.


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