Victory against Big Oil in Peru

This video is called Indigenous Leader visits Oil Contamination in Peru’s Amazon.

From Indian Country Today in the USA:

Peru Amazon Natives win key victory against big oil

By Renzo Pipoli, Today correspondent

Story Published: Dec 27, 2010

Amazon Natives of the Achuar tribe together with Amazon Watch and EarthRights International have managed a significant victory in their long battle to get oil companies such as California’s Occidental Petroleum to both better care for the Amazon rainforest and compensate Natives for pollution.

Renewed conflict between tribes and oil companies looms in Peru: here.

Landmark Agreement on Amazon Oilfields Shows Indigenous Movements’ New Power. Darrin Mortenson, Truthout: “When reviewing a story about a recent deal between the government and Indians regarding multinational oil companies in the Peruvian Amazon, the editor of an important national news magazine said the story seemed ‘bereft of drama’ and too full of ‘insidery [sic] negotiations.’ He was right. And that was what made it news. After having to seize oil facilities, capture airfields and blockade roads and rivers in recent years in order to grab attention and force talks, the Quechua people of Northern Peru this week won a landmark agreement with the regional government of Loreto – a virtual dream sheet, really, considering the decades of neglect – for services and projects in their communities along the Pastaza River near the border with Ecuador. A key feature of the freshly inked ‘Pastaza Act’ is a sweeping investigation of health and environmental impacts that could bolster the Indians’ case against Plus Petrol, the Argentinean oil company that they blame for polluting their rivers and ancestral territory for years”: here.

Each year, a new bird is found and every four years a new mammal discovered in the Peruvian Amazon, a haven for biodiversity where conservation and danger often go hand in hand: here.

July 2011: Conservation efforts targeting threatened high-altitude forests in the Andes Mountains near the sacred, ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu, Peru, will benefit from a new $2million endowment fund: here.

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