NATO troops kill their Afghan allies

Innocent Afghans AND Americans Murdered from Howard Barrett on Vimeo.

From Associated Press:

Afghan official: NATO violated security agreement

RAHIM FAIEZ, Associated Press

Published: 06:00 a.m., Sunday, December 26, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan — The U.S.-led coalition violated a security agreement in Kabul when its troops raided a private security company in the capital and killed two guards, the Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman said Sunday.

Spokesman Zemarai Bashary said the police general who helped them has been suspended and an investigation was under way into why coalition forces on Friday raided the compound of Tiger International, an Afghan private security company, killing two guards and wounding two others.

Afghan security forces have for the past two years had control of Kabul and all NATO operations in the city must be cleared with the government.

“That was a very tragic and unfortunate incident which occurred in Kabul two nights ago. The forces which were involved in that operation didn’t pay any attention to the rules and regulations which we were agreed upon earlier regarding such operations in Kabul,” he said. “For the past two years we have agreed that the security of Kabul is the responsibility of the Afghan forces, or Afghan forces must be in the lead of any operation in Kabul.”

NATO said after the raid that it had received a “credible threat to attack” the U.S. Embassy, after which a joint Afghan-NATO force moved into the area where intelligence reports had located two vehicles thought to be loaded with explosives.

The coalition forces were fired on after they had announced their arrival, and they returned fire, killing two of the shooters, a NATO statement said. Two others were wounded, it said, and 15 people were detained in the operation.

The detained men were subsequently released after a senior Afghan army official arrived at the scene and “personally vouched” for them, NATO said. A large amount of weapons was also seized but no vehicles loaded with explosives were found.

Bashary said that an Afghan police general had been suspended and was being questioned. Another Afghan police officer who was in charge of a unit responsible for intelligence gathering at the Interior Ministry was also suspended, he said.

“The international forces acted against the agreement,” he said. “An Afghan police unit who were not involved in the operation but were supporting it, also acted against the agreement.”

The incident follows two others this week in which NATO forces killed Afghan civilians, either during a battle with insurgents or after acting on intelligence relating to suspected militants.

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Jose L. Gomez de Prado, UN Working Group on Mercenaries: “Human rights violations perpetrated by private military and security companies are indications of the threat posed to the foundations of democracy when inherently public functions – such as the monopoly on the legitimate use of force – become privatized”: here.

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1 thought on “NATO troops kill their Afghan allies

  1. Report On Afghan Battle Shifts Blame

    Published on December 29, 2010 Comments (Be the first)

    by NewsDesk – iWireNews ™

    (iWireNews ™ and OfficialWire)


    Families of soldiers killed in a battle in Afghanistan say they are angry that the official U.S. Army history blames lower-level commanders and the fog of war.

    A first draft prepared in 2009 said higher-level commanders failed to provide needed resources, leaving troops at a remote base near the Pakistani border vulnerable in the 2008 battle, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. The final draft criticizes platoon leaders for not mounting adequate patrols.

    Nine soldiers were killed in what became known as the Battle of Wanat when about 200 Taliban surrounded the base.

    The report criticizes 1st Lt. Jonathan Brostrom for putting an observation post in the wrong place. Brostrom was killed in the fight.

    “They blame the platoon-level leadership for all the mistakes at Wanat,” said retired Col. David Brostrom. “It blames my dead son. They really missed the point.”

    The debate over the history is part of a larger debate in the military, the Post said. Three top-level commanders received letters of reprimand, but reprimands were rescinded because of the fear ending the careers of those who received them would discourage other commanders in Afghanistan from making risky choices.


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